A diverse array of lives intersect over one night in Manchester's gay village.

Spectrum started out as a couple of sketches I wrote about awkward encounters – in Chips, Martin faces consequences for neglecting to come out as bisexual to both his girlfriend and his ex-boyfriend; in Suck, Joe uses Grindr to hook up with a vampire who wants to suck his blood.

From this, I got the idea of putting together a diverse team of LGBTQ writers and filmmakers, and creating an anthology film of interweaving stories set around Canal Street. That team comprised of myself, Abigail Henry, Christopher Bowles, Tommy Cowell, and Ellie Costanza, with Abigail and me as lead producers; we shot the film over 2018.

In 2019, Spectrum had a successful festival run - look at all the laurels on the banner above! Highlights included screening at the wonderful Vancouver Queer Film Festival (I regret not putting together the money to go over there) and winning Best Short Film at the Gilbert Baker Film Festival in Kansas.

Now, the film is available to stream, buy or rent via Amazon Prime Video: