I've written comic strips for Doctor Who Adventures, published by Panini Comics.

Which is rather exciting. Artwork in all of them is by Russ Leach with colours by John Burns.

In TIME AND PUBLIC RELATIONS IN SPACE (DWA 8, released 5th November 2015), the Doctor gets a makeover and a new agent - and isn't too happy about it...

GHOSTS OF THE SEAS (DWA 12, 3rd March 2016) pits the Doctor against robot ghost pirates! I was very happy to realise no Doctor Who media had ever done a Flying Dutchman story, as I got to bagsy it.

SKY MANOR (DWA 14, 28th April 2016) sees the Doctor play detective on a mansion flying high - until it takes a tumble. Oh, and some gorilla-themed aliens get angry at him.

In addition, I've contributed to The Paternoster Gang Investigates, the magazine's strand of prose stories:

In THE HOWLING ON THE HILLS (DWA 20, 10th November 2016), Vastra, Jenny and Strax travel to Dartmoor to investigate a strange alien presence, and come to blows with a shady government agency.

In ASSASSIN ON THE RAILROADS (DWA 22, 2nd March 2017), the gang find themselves protecting an important figure from a vicious alien assassin as their train speeds through the French countryside.

Doctor Who Adventures is available from all good newsagents, superstores, and interstellar black markets. Keep an eye out for further contributions to the magazine from me.

Time and Public Relations in Space preview (click to enlarge):

Ghosts of the Seas preview:

Sky Manor preview:


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