Here are some of the publications I've written for:

'The world's longest-running magazine of cult entertainment', Starburst launched in 1977 and has been covering the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres since. 

I joined the team in 2013 and now provide regular news and reviews for both the monthly print magazine and the website, as well as occasional feature articles for the magazine, such as 'Play or Play Not: The Best of Star Wars Video Games' in Issue 419 (November 2015) and 'LEGO: The Building Blocks of Success' in Issue 397.

It's been a real pleasure to contribute to this very visual film magazine, which pairs film journos up with graphic designers. For Issue 1, themed around 'Food', I analysed cinematic adaptations of Roald Dahl books, and in Issue 2, the 'Mind' issue, I looked at the history of method acting. Beneficial Shock! is available in stores across Europe as well as online.

An online film magazine focusing on world cinema, the power of the cinematic image, its affect on our lives, and all that jazz. After being a regular contributor since 2012, I was asked in October 2014 to become The Big Picture's editor. I oversaw the team of writers for three years and have now passed over my dictatorial powers, but still contribute to the site from time to time.

A website looking at the craft of screenwriting from an analytical perspective, with each article aiming to get a writer thinking about how they can improve their own scripts. Contributing to Creative Screenwriting is the most intelligent I've ever felt when writing about Star Wars and supervillains.

Because of my work on The Big Picture, I was asked to contribute to this upcoming publication from the same publisher, Intellect Books. The book traces the histories of individual genres and directors within British cinema, plus examines the role of the British Film Institute. I contributed four analytical essays, including a look at Derek Jarman's Sebastiane as part of LGBT cinema.

Released in the fiftieth anniversary year, this fan-made book, edited by Lewis Christian, collected memories from Doctor Who fans, with every single story from An Unearthly Child onwards being celebrated by its aficionados. I provided essays for two Eleventh Doctor stories: The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone and The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang. The book's website seems to have gone missing, but here's a free-to-download PDF.

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