I have a number of scripts with completed drafts that are available for development.

To find out more about any of these, or to discuss collaborating with me on them, please contact me.

It Never Snows at Christmas (co-written with Abigail Henry)
  • Sasha and Cal have been best friends since school. One Christmas, as Sasha tries to find a date for her sister’s wedding and Cal spins plates to hang onto his uptight boyfriend, the pressures of their mid-20s might just tear their friendship apart.
  • 110-page feature film script. A queer romantic comedy, with surreal twists, set in Manchester.

Union (co-written with Tom Woffenden)
  • Welcome to YourUnion: serving the wants and needs of the student population. Well, that’s what new president Chloe Kennedy’s been told to say.
  • Originally written and produced as an award-winning web series in 2012-13 – more info here.
  • Now developed into a 30-page TV sitcom pilot, available for development.

Love Planet
  • Sixteen horny singletons. One remote planet. No adult supervision. And now... no one else left in the universe.
  • 22-page spec comic book script, with outline for 15-issue series, seeking artist and publisher. Sci-fi satire.