A few other fiction projects I've worked on...

The Seer

Abe makes a deal to bring back the eyes of a lost relative. A short film I wrote and directed in summer 2020.


A company hold their first remote team meeting in this sketch I created with Tom Woffenden during the 2020 lockdown.

A theatre sketch in which Greg takes his wife out for a nice meal to celebrate the anniversary of his turning into a fly. You can read the sketch for free and license it for performance on Lazy Bee Scripts.

A five-page comic following the psychic Judge from the Judge Dredd universe, this was published in issue 32 of 2000 AD fanzine Zarjaz, available here. Art was by Russ Leach, who I also worked with on Doctor Who Adventures.

Diagnosis: Magic

A cancer surgeon gets an unusual new assistant  – a wizard – in this humorous comic, published in small press publication The Psychedelic Journal of General Wizardry – more info here


Nuntpool was a great seaside resort. Once. Allegedly. You really wouldn't guess from looking at it now, or from looking at its newspaper, The Nuntpool Gazette, for which a tree falling onto Mrs Jackson's shed is a big scoop.

A three-part studio sitcom filmed at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of York. Watch all three episodes on YouTube:


Charlie has been Lower Hungerford’s crow scarer since anyone can remember. But one day he's made redundant, to be replaced with "scarecrows", lifeless, cheap, artificial crow scarers, manufactured from rag and straw - how's that going to scare a crow?

A short film which premiered at the LUMA Film Festival 2014.

Alan’s life has become a mess since his wife left him. He buys a new model of robot in the shape of a human woman, a gynoid, to help him clean up his apartment and motivate him to repair his life. But will he let her work him too hard?

A short film written and directed by me, which was screened at the LUMA Film Festival 2013 and the Festival of Fantastic Films 2013. Now available on Vimeo.