I have written three educational graphic novels about Indian history on commission for Campfire Graphic Novels. The first two, following the lives of the Buddha and B. R. Ambedkar respectively, have been published internationally, with the third, about the freedom movement, forthcoming.

Here's the blurb for BUDDHA: AN ENLIGHTENED LIFE:

In the ancient city of Kapilavastu, a prince named Siddhartha Gautama was born, and a wise man declared that he would grow up to be either a powerful king or a spiritual leader who would end suffering. Though his father kept him sheltered, Siddhartha soon became aware of the pain and disease that plagued the world and so abandoned his noble life in order to find answers. He'd eventually become the founder of a religion which persists today, and which has spread a message of compassion and understanding across the world. It was not an easy journey; Siddhartha faced the temptations of a demon, the outbreaks of war, and rebellion within his own order. Follow his journey from prince to pauper and from beggar to Buddha.

And if that wasn't enough, the art by Rajesh Nagulakonda is excellent. His painterly, elegant style works really well with this grand spiritual tale.

The book won Graphic Novel of the Year at Comic-Con India, 2018.

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It is rare in human history when one man’s life changes the destiny of millions. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was one such remarkable leader. An untiring crusader for human rights for the oppressed untouchables of India, Babasaheb, as he was fondly and reverently known, strove throughout his life to purge from society the evil of prejudice and injustice against his fellow brethren. Having suffered humiliation in his early years purely on the circumstance of his birth in a lower caste, Babasaheb Ambedkar became the voice of redemption from oppression for millions of his fellow men. From a humble background, he overcame many challenges by first enrolling in Columbia University in the US where he imbibed a deep sense of justice and equality, and then on to the UK to get a law degree. After India’s independence, his commitment to equality and freedom was enshrined by his work in the framing of the Indian Constitution as one of its principal architects.

Art on this one is by the also-excellent Sachin Nagar. He has a more sketchy, busy style reminiscent of US comics, that I think really fits the 20th century, political tone of the story.

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