Tuesday, 23 March 2010

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Hello. Here is an assortment of musings on my recent thoughts and activities:

My group finished our media coursework recently; the task was to make an opening to a thriller. Are you male, 16-34, higher educated and a fan of rock music and The Wire? This is for you! If not, watch it just for the acting.

(No need to panic, we're not marked for acting)

I went to a university fair today and picked up quite a lot of stuff - 4 bags full of 25 prospectuses, 2 foam pound signs, a beach ball and a flashing pen. However, I am only considering a small proportion of thiose 25 universites and, sadly, the flashing pen is now broke. I'm likely to be doing an honours degree in Film and Television production (or studies), possibly combined with German. York looks good, and not just because that's where Apple (of acclaimed comedy duo Apple and Grape) is studying. Nottingham, Exeter, Lancaster and Royal Holloway, London are also potential targets.

At least when I seem overburdened by the stress of my A-level work combined with university research, I have something to look forward to. My social life! Just kidding, I'm referring to the imminent return of Doctor Who, which I am unashamedly excited for. There is no way this new series can fail to be brilliant, with Weeping Angels, some lovely spaceships, a crazy zombie Cyberman, 6 episodes by the Grand Moff Steven Moffat (I love when people reference Star Wars while talking about Doctor Who), a new Doctor and, most importantly, a ginger companion.

I'm ignoring those bashing Matt Smith before they've seen him play the Doctor and think he will be great (in terms of acting as well as hotness, same applies to Karen Gillan (and the new Daleks*)).
The first person to tell me who said the quote in the title wins a very special prize (no, it's not a spacehopper).

I'd better stop writing now. I need to go and take some paracetamol for my daily headache.

*Joke. I am not sexually attracted to Daleks.