Thursday, 29 October 2009

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There's a reason behind all this, I tell you.

And that's just one example of how I've been spending my half term productively. I've also filled a bucket with paper shreddings and sprayed it with water, watched 6 episodes of a documentary about World War II and watched some children's science fiction. I did try applying for some jobs, too, but to no great avail. They should recognise how awesome I am and immediately make me CEO.

Friday, 2 October 2009

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Today was the day of our art trip to Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire. Yes, Yorkshire. There's normally one to London, but the head of art is pretending to be on maternity leave, so Yorkshire sufficed.

We were told to draw four pictures, take photos and "don't forget to visit the photography exhibition." So I drew two and a bit pictures, took the photos, and I didn't forget to visit the exhibition. And when I say I didn't forget to go, I mean I didn't forget to go, not that I went.

We would have gone if we had more time, but we spent so long walking to lunch, because the tea room was so bloody far away. You see, most people were sensible and went to the nearby café, but I heard that there was a tea room and thought "I like tea!" so was one of the very few fools who tried to get to it, then was so worn out by the time I got there, about 20 minutes after setting off, that I didn't even have tea, because I needed something more refreshing. The sandwiches were naff, too.

Also, the coach journey was pretty long and tedious, made worse by my incompetence in socialising with anybody but Barnsey, the lovable but dull rogue that he is, leading me to smash my head into a chair repeatedly and look at a small but not worthy of being looked at for so long tripod.

This is my favourite out of my photographs, which will be part of my A-level coursework. Unfortunately, Barnesy wouldn't let me stop to do a drawing of it.

Overall, very enjoyable.