Sunday, 31 May 2009

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As the first in a series that will probably last a whole one edition, I present to you a review of a film I saw on the Sci-Fi Channel last night.

"Mega Snake" is an emotional movie that explores themes such as fear, tradition, trust and a massive snake that grows to about 70 foot and eats lots of people. It is certainly a unique and inspirational piece that leads to an exciting climax.

There weren't actually any fighter planes or tanks like in the above picture, which i think is good because they would have made it cheesy and crap.

I was happy to see a cameo appearance by Feedback, my most favourite superhero ever, who I once saw win the final of something that was a bit like The Apprentice but for superheroes. Michael Shanks, Siri Baruc and Matthew Atherton, three of my favourite thespians ever, were also very good and showed impressive talent.

However, I think it missed out on the chance to have an appearance by Godzilla. A climactic showdown between the Mega Snake and Godzilla would have been amazing! Maybe in the sequel.

Final verdict: all round quality entertainment, desreves multiple Oscars. 12.48/10

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

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So, I've officially finished school and once again have shown my true resolve by not becoming overly emotional. It is really very sad, I won't see any of my friends again until the exams next week. I'll miss John most, the lovable huggybunny.

However, I once again find myself the victim of a disgraceful conspiracy to not allow the correct people to win things. I very much deserved the award I was nominated for, "most laid back student". Even the great Mr Wyton has described me as laid back! Also, Adam unfairly didn't get "best hair" and Barnsey, the Herculean beast, unfairly didn't get "most macho student". He deserved that for the time he single handedly threw me over a massive chair!

This is like that time back at year 9 camp, where my form had the best entry for the talent show, including me as a wolf in a cardboard lorry and everyone, even some of the winning form, agreed we should have won and so it was probably rigged so that the same form couldn't win both the talent show and the magazine contest thing, which we also won, because we were great and I wrote an article about swingball despite never having played the gadding thing.

Speaking of me wearing cardboard, I seem to do that quite often; maybe I have some kind of fetish?

Occasions where I have worn cardboard:
- Year 9 camp talent show
- Pritt Stick costume at Dan's parties (twice)
- Metal Gear Rawtenstall
- Graphics group photo
- Probably more

In other news, the BBC have changed their mind. Matt Smith's out, this guy's leaving his current job to become Tennant's successor: