Tuesday, 15 November 2016

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The recent cinematic revival of Star Wars has introduced a whole new generation of fans to its galaxy. The Galactic Atlas aims to get them in the know regarding many of the saga’s planets, moons, and battle stations.

It’s a big (approximately A3-sized) hardcover volume, full of maps depicting major galactic locations. These maps are not strictly geographically accurate, rather they aim to capture the ‘feel’ of these worlds, and so include depictions of many of the events which took place there.

The maps are in fact illustrated by Tim McDonagh, and he’s done a sterling job at it. Each planet is given a double-page spread, and is captured in colourful and absorbing detail, allowing you to lose much more time than planned poring over it. 

Planets covered include those from all seven existing films, plus some locations from the Clone Wars and Rebels television series. Excitingly, there’s also a spread dedicated to the desert moon of Jedha, a spiritual home of the Jedi, which will make its debut in the upcoming Rogue One.

This is largely aimed at younger readers or those new to the Star Wars galaxy, but the charming illustrations and high production quality will nonetheless keep the parents and hardened fans hooked, too. The perfect treat for aspiring Skywalkers!


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