Saturday, 24 October 2015

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Couldn't sleep, so wrote a comedy sketch based on this news story. Newsjack's not currently on, so the blog gets it.

“We’ve taken the time to look over your proposal, and we’re thrilled by your ambition. Really, we are.”


“But the thing is, we just don’t have as much funding as we’d all like, and infinite monkeys may be out of our budget.”

“OK, well, I thought you might say that, so I’m happy to compromise. Could you maybe manage a thousand?”

“Well, I’d love to say yes, but actually, you see, we can’t really afford monkeys at all.”


“How about a chicken?”

“A chicken?”


“One chicken?”

“Yeah, and the other thing is - timescale. Now that it’s only one chicken, as you can imagine, it would take quite a while to crack out the entire works of Shakespeare, so that’s going to have to be reconsidered too.”

“Sure, sure - maybe it could just do the three parts of Henry VI?”

“We were thinking more like a word.”

“Right… what word? Romeo? Midsummer?”

“No. Bum."


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