Friday, 29 May 2015

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For a brief moment, it’s Orange and Blue Film Poster: The Movie, but soon those lusciously coloured sands and skies get filled by war rigs, mauling chainsaws and explosions aplenty. A beautifully brutal, brilliantly relentless chase movie, and it’s incredible that so much of it was shot practically – a relief from all the CGI filling cinemas this summer.

Tom Hardy’s the perfect choice to fill the boots of Mel Gibson, but it’s Charlize Theron who steals the show. As the Towering Inferno-esque split title card implies, this is as much Furiosa’s movie as it is Max’s, and what a lead she is – determined in her mission to save the wives, not even letting her missing arm stop her being an ace action hero (remarkably, it’s never even mentioned, it just is – cinema needs more disabled characters treated like this!). The moment where Max lets Furiosa take the shot with the sniper rifle, conceding that she’s the better shot, is sublime. Watch out, MRAs, Furiosa’s coming to get you.

The wives are more interesting than I expected them to be, too – despite the deliberate casting of glamour models, they’re not sexualised, not just there to look pretty, with them getting the opportunity to take part in the action and having subtle moments of characterisation. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is treated much better by George Miller than by the leery, soulless Michael Bay.

Fury Road could perhaps have benefited from being 15 minutes shorter, but its length certainly doesn’t make it boring – more like tiring!

Not only is it undoubtedly the best action movie of the year, it’s also one of the best feminist movies of the year. A Mad Max movie. Hahahaha. Brilliant. Bring on the ridiculous controversies, bring on the awesome tumblr accounts. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Now excuse me, I have to go work out how to attach this guitar amp to my Yaris.

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