Wednesday, 4 March 2015

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Time Trips was a series of short Doctor Who eBooks released throughout 2014, authored by successful novelists with a Doctor of their choice. All eight are now available in a handy hardcover, along with a bonus Twelfth Doctor tale.

The collection opens with the strongest story – A. L. Kennedy’s The Death Pit, a hilarious adventure in which the Fourth Doctor tracks a dangerous creature around an Arbroath spa hotel. As well as the finest description of a man being eaten by a golf bunker you’ll ever read, there’s a great one-off companion in frustrated receptionist Bryony.

After this, the Tenth and Third Doctors get two adventures each, and the Second and Sixth Doctors also get a go - and they're of very variable quality. There are too many disappointments here, and some Doctors getting two stories while others are left out isn't ideal. But, thanks to the few standout tales, you won’t regret getting onboard for these trips in time and space.


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