Thursday, 6 November 2014

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I've been a contributor to film website The Big Picture for a couple of years now, and have recently been asked to step up as the site's new editor. Blimey. Only time will tell how I handle this position of responsibility.

Anyway, The Big Picture now carries a monthly theme, and November's is sci-fi. Which is good for me, as it's a genre I can bullshit my way around reasonably well. Here's a piece I've written on THX-1138.

"If there’s one sci-fi film that comes to mind at the mention of George Lucas, it’s Star Wars. And yet, six years before his grand space opera undeniably changed the course of the genre, Lucas gave us THX-1138, a lower key and much more cerebral piece of science fiction. Despite both commercial and critical failure upon release, Lucas’ debut feature presents a unique and unsettling dystopian vision that’s worth revisiting today."


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