Tuesday, 1 July 2014

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Well, that’s that done. Three years of university. York, you’ve been fantastic, and you know what?

I don’t want to go.

I’m not the first person to make that reference, and I won’t be the last, but it perfectly sums up how I feel. I’ve made so many amazing friends, been part of some amazing projects, and learned a lot about life, the universe, and Jungle Run.

This has been the best three years of my life, and I’m a different person because of it. I’ve grown in confidence as well as competence, I’ve decided what I want to do with my life (as ridiculous and sketchy as my plan is), and I’ve even grown a beard.

And now, at the end of it, I can, for the first time in my life, fully appreciate that succinct and heart-breaking piece of dialogue penned by the great Russell T Davies.

I don’t want to go.

Yeah, Matt Smith had a lovely final speech, and truthful too. Damn right I won’t forget the person I’ve been for the past few years, not one moment (well, maybe a few of the more inebriated ones, and pretty much the whole of the lecture about OFCOM regulation), but, right at the heart, what am I thinking?

I don’t want to go.

For the first time in my life, I’m leaving somewhere I really feel a part of and I genuinely don’t know what’s coming next. I’ve always thought that was a beautiful final scene for the Tenth Doctor, but I’ve never truly been in that position until now.

And yet… maybe part of me does want to go.

Because maybe there’ll be more great things ahead.

Who knows?

York, this is not a goodbye. This is a “see you later”. At graduation, and at whenever I have funds to visit. For now, unemployment awaits. Sorry, being a “freelance writer” awaits.

But I can’t escape the feeling that… well, Mr. Tennant says it best.

Post-credits teaser: On a side note, it’s almost time for this blog to also receive a regeneration, as it will soon be incorporated into a new site I’m planning to showcase a portfolio of my work. Once I work out how to do that. Watch this space.


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