Saturday, 28 December 2013

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Hi there. How was your Christmas? Oh, really? What did you think of Doctor Who, then? Yeah, yeah, I know what you mean. But now we have Sherlock to look forward to. Weather's been a bit iffy, eh?

Right. Enough small talk. I need your money.

A film I've written, The Crow Scarer, is being shot at the start of February as one of my final year university projects. My team have already raised £2000 but need to double that in order to fund logistics, actors, and, importantly, crows. So, if you've somehow managed not to throw away all your money over the Christmas period, we can help you fix that - head over to The Crow Scarer’s IndieGoGo page here.

Here's a little summary of the story:

Charlie is a professional Crow Scarer and has been all his life. But one day, he’s made redundant, to be replaced by ‘scarecrows’ – artificial crow scarers made of straw and rags. It takes the best efforts of local seamstress Lilly to cheer Charlie up and set him on the path to finding a new job – but none of his new jobs work out, and all Charlie wants to do is scare crows.

 Will Lilly be able to help Charlie get his job back, will he find a way to move on with the changing times, or will he be left as a relic of a bygone era? One thing’s for sure – scaring crows isn’t the same as it used to be.

Please give us money. There’s a selection of perks available and whatever you give will make a difference. And we'll love you for ever.


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