Saturday, 19 October 2013

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Issue 394 of Starburst Magazine is out this week, and it's a Doctor Who special to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary. When I was told the cover would be all eleven Doctors, I was worried how it would turn out, but, well, wow. Look at it. Isn't it sexy?

And what's inside is sexier still, for my very first feature article has been published. Entitled Wanderers in Two Dimensions, it's six pages chronicling the history of Doctor Who in comics. I'm really happy with how it looks in print and excited for people to read my work! Here's a sneak preview...

To read the other five pages, get out there and buy the magazine. 

As a special bonus feature for readers of this blog, here are the alternate titles for the article that didn't make it:
  • Saving the Universe with a Pencil and Some Ink
  • A Madman in Many Boxes
  • Time and Relative Dimensions on Paper
  • The Greatest Comic in the Galaxy

Headlines are hard. In this issue, I also review Jack Katz's The First Kingdom and have a brief news article or two.

Starburst is available in WH Smiths, some specialist comics stores, and from the internet.


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