Monday, 30 September 2013

I received an exciting email yesterday - this blog's been shortlisted for the Blog North Best Young Blogger Award. Which is kind of cool.

That is good, isn't it? When my department try to give me a lecture on blogging next week, I'm gonna slap this in their face and eat a biscuit triumphantly.

The judging is part-vote, part-panel, so please do feel free to go here and vote 'This is good, isn't it?' for 'Best Young Blogger' if voting in things is the kind of activity you like to do, please and thank you.

If you're reading this and you're one of the judges, then hi there. I really like your hair today. You know, you're my favourite of all the judges (in all the competitions ever).

And so, in an attempt to make my blog look good, I've created one of the most vacuous, self-serving articles in its history. Oops. Erm... I know what would really bring in the votes! More pictures of David Morrissey!

You agree with me that he's one of the finest British actors of his generation, don't you, my good judge? Nice to know I'm on the same page as someone with your impressive intellect.


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