Thursday, 14 June 2012

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Short answer: York.

Medium answer: In my student bedroom in York, which I'll be very happy to leave for ever in two weeks.

Long answer:

So I've not blogged for a while. It's been another busy term. I've nearly finished my first year at university, which is, well, an achievement. First year's essays are all handed in, exams all examined, practical projects completed.

I have to say, despite living in halls where each section of corridor has its own distinctive smell, the overpriced washing machines regularly eat my money, and a mysterious blue dirt is constantly trying to invade my sink, I've very much enjoyed my first year. I've made a lot of great friends, learnt a lot and been very productive. My course - Film and TV Production at the University of York - has had its minor issues (one lecturer so dull that a 3 minute YouTube tutorial is a better way of learning than an hour with him) but has in general been excellent. The majority of the teaching staff are passionate, experienced and engaging, it has a good mix of analytical and practical content, and I've had the opportunity to dress as a zombie for a day.

I was recently elected Production Director of YSTV and have been trying my best to keep control of this position, which basically entails watering the televisual seeds of new show ideas and keeping all existing productions happy. As well as going to lots of meetings and writing a shitload of emails on a surprising variety of subjects. The station won Best Broadcaster at the NaSTA awards recently (please don't seek out the footage of us winning, I may have embarrassed myself on stage after a bottle or two of wine) and so the new committee have a lot to live up to. Eek.

I deserve a rest after this year. Lots of tea and Pointless and a nice book. The Martian Chronicles, maybe. And a trip to see The Dark Knight Rises. Some cake.

Not that I haven't got more detailed plans for the summer. I seem to have developed a remarkable ability to simultaneously look forward to having a long period of rest whilst throwing it away. I'm returning to York early to plan YSTV's freshers' events and make a drama, I'm working at a script agency in London for two weeks, and I may (or may not) have a job as a runner on a film being produced around the North West.

Also, I'm intending to produce and direct a short film. This is a situation I seem to have ended up in somewhat unplanned. My supervisor wanted to read a script I wrote for an assessment at Christmas. He liked it and suggested I film it. I agreed to this and now it's probably actually  really happening. I've told too many people for it not to happen. It's a spy parody set in a tea room, called The Scone Identity. Or Scones Are Forever. I'm not certain on filming dates, as I'm waiting to hear about the running job and when I can get a tea room to film in, but if you're going to be in Lancashire over summer and looking for a short film to help out on, please contact me.

Oh yeah, and I will hopefully be updating this blog more regularly. Though I think I've said that before. Fingers crossed.


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