Thursday, 23 February 2012

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Here's a fruity sketch show that my comedy partner Dan "Apple" Marshall and Myself (known as "Grape" in this context) have written and produced for York Student Television.


Please do have a watch, and if you like it, let us know, let your friends know, let your family know, let your cat know; basically, spam as many people as you can find with the link to the show. They'll be grateful. They may express their gratefulness by throwing shoes at you, but you'll see in their eyes how much you've helped them as a human being. 

Ah, thrown shoes. That brings me back. To a time when the world was before yesterday. A time known as 2008. Apple and Grape's first live show. After a troublesome (and very badly organised) audition, we came second in our school's comedy competition. 

But the story of Apple and Grape goes back further than that. To about 2007 (may not be correct), when Dan bought a bag of "Apple and Grape" from the BRGS (our school) vending machine. "Hey, that would make a good name for a comedy double act!" one of us said, standing near to a skip. And the rest, as they say, was history. Except for the bit that's the future. That very vending machine that set things in motion may find a nice surprise waiting for it in the credits (let's hope it's a Bowie fan).

So, from these humble beginnings to our own sketch show. I won't lie, it wasn't an easy task. We had to (sort of) break into a pub, build both the interior and exterior of a spaceship, and find a way to make a banana do a break dance. Yet none of these were as difficult as finding people willing to act out our crazy scheme script. But we got there; we've both worked very hard and are really happy with the result. Follow the further adventures of Apple and Grape; we can only continue to go up in the comedy world!

As a fun bonus extra, there's a short radio documentary about Apple and Grape coming soon on URY, thanks to Tess Humphrey! I'll be posting a link to that once it's online.


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