Thursday, 22 December 2011

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Hello, blog. Sorry I’ve been away. University happened. I was busy.

Here’s what I’ve learned over my first term:

1. York is wonderful*. It’s a really nice place. Lovely architecture, lots of ducks and a nice market. There’s a variety of cultural events for intelligent/pretentious folk such as myself. I enjoyed the Aesthetica short film festival (where I met the writer and director of Cleaning Up, an excellent comedic thriller starring Mark Gatiss) and the Railway Museum (which some friends and I visited on my birthday, in true crazy student style).

2. York is disgusting.
I don’t like showering in hard water; Lancashire’s softer approach to H2O makes my hair feel so much nicer. Strange blue dirt keeps appearing all over my room. And some of the nightlife opportunities are of very questionable hygiene. I think one floor surface in particular may have given me AIDS.

3. My degree is great.
Everything about it is impressive. The Department of Theatre, Film and Television’s new £24 million building, having lectures in a cinema, the mix of theoretical and practical study, the experienced teaching staff (especially the uniquely charming science fiction author Philip Palmer, whose disregard for the actual course structure and the concept of pacing I shall miss in next term's seminars. Here's a favourite quote from him: "Define dogging. (to rest of class) I know what it is, I just want to hear him say it." It made sense in context), the guest lectures (particularly Pop Idol creator Alan Boyd and his anecdote about taking a lion into the offices of FOX). Alles Wunderbar.

4. My degree is unimportant.
My timetable’s generally on the verge of overflowing, yet a significant proportion of this is unrelated to my degree. I’m an active member (Assistant Production Director, in fact – Ass Prod for short) of the student TV station, am co-writing a comedy sketch show episode with my old double act, Apple and Grape, and am still persevering in my ongoing struggle to learn German. I’m quite proud of being called the “busiest person on the planet” by a third year student. Plus, I’ve even tried my hand at this little thing called “socialising”…

5. Students are cool.
I’ve made lots of new friends, which is nice. They even made me cake, which is very nice.

6. Students are shits.
Shut the fuck up out there, I'm trying to sleep. Clean up after yourself in the fucking kitchen. There are indeed advantages to living in a small family.

7. I’m a good film nerd. Well, I’m working on it, and the classic films shown as part of my degree are helping. I’ve developed a particular love for 1950s science fiction B-movies. Having watched The Day the Earth Stood Still and written an essay on Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I was looking forward to a screening of Forbidden Planet (supporting a lecture about adaptation). It was even better than I’d imagined and I can officially deem it the most fantastic film ever. It's 1950s sci-fi crossed with The Tempest, Leslie Nielsen and a tiger. Not forgetting the subconscious invincible gorilla. Amazing.

8. I’m a bad film nerd.
I haven’t really had time to go to the actual proper cinema that much and appear to have missed out on several of the season’s biggest releases. Cue panic when the Film Pilgrim, for whom I still write (and have been neglecting almost as much as this blog) ask me for my top ten films of the year. I’ll post a link to what I scraped together when it’s up.

9. I’ll take any excuse to neglect my blog.
Especially if it’s “I’m really busy being at university”. Sorry. There’ll be at least one more post over the Christmas/New Year period and maybe I’ll even attempt to do one or two when I’m back in York.

10. Merry Christmas!
What’s that? That’s not a thing I’ve learned? Don’t be such a Scrooge.

*11. I use the word 'wonderful' too much these days. I shall try to phase in a few more instances of 'fantastic', 'brilliant', 'fabelhaft' etc.


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