Saturday, 6 August 2011

I'm not far from being nearly half way through my ridiculously long summer holiday. The summer of doing lots of things, as my plans would tell you. Have I done lots of things? Yes! I've seen the sights (a bear being bullied by otters), I've lived the dream (baked a blackcurrant cake with my homegrown blackcurrants), I've hung out with the world's rich and famous (briefly met Anjli Mohindra off The Sarah Jane Adventures, Times columnist Caitlin Moran, and, as shown, Darth Vader), I've had my lows (a brief sink into existential despair, failing my driving test again), but I've had my highs (mostly caffeine highs - staying up late with a cup of tea and a DVD of a Coen brothers film).

Plans for the rest of summer - fix broken things, more books, more films, actually win at driving for once, go to Manchester Pride, avoid crowds and shit music as much as possible, go on holiday, enjoy wandering around a big boat for a week, make sure I'm prepared for uni, keep on rockin'.

Anyway, here are some links to articles I've done for various websites that aren't this one:

Film's 5 Most Horrible Bosses

It’s one thing to not let your employees have the day off over Christmas, but when those employees involve Kermit the Frog, that’s just despicable.
To tie in with the release of comedy Horrible Bosses, which is good. Also, my review here.Link

Manchester Comic Con report with Anjli Mohindra Q&A

The expo filled up quickly and, despite my usual annoyance with crowds, a plethora of fantastic costumes and free hugs gave the convention centre a fun and frivolous atmosphere.

For a The Sarah Jane Adventures fansite, hence some of the article being related to The Sarah Jane Adventures. Now edited to be less offensive to Craig Charles!

Sucker Punch DVD Review

Sucker Punch manages to become something that may not be one’s first thought upon hearing of a film containing giant samurai, German steampunk zombies, dragons and robots – boring. Zack Snyder is a hyperactive child, with a plethora of visual ideas but no attention span to do anything interesting with them.

Somehow, I got away with a triple Jon Hamm pun in this one.

Super 8 video review:


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