Wednesday, 6 July 2011

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I’ve just watched Michael Mann's 1995 crime thriller Heat. Why have I not watched Michael Mann's 1995 crime thriller Heat before? It's excellent.

Al Pacino plays Vincent Hanna, an LA cop on the trail of a gang of thieves led by Robert De Niro’s Neil McCauley. But Hanna’s not without his own troubles, as his devotion to his work stretches his third marriage to breaking point, while his stepdaughter, who would grow up to be the Natalie Portman we know and love, is depressed due to being neglected by her real father. Meanwhile, McCauley falls for a woman he meets in a bar and is betrayed by a money launderer, one of his gang has a marriage as troubled as Hanna’s, another develops a taste for murdering prostitutes, and a man goes to work in a café (or should that be diner?) but his boss is strict. Yes, it’s detailed, but it’s long, and is one of those films that deserves to be long, as every subplot has depth and excitement, with them all coming together to create a masterful piece of storytelling.

Heat features two great actors at their best (anyone who’s had to sit through a Fockers film should watch this to be reminded what De Niro’s capable of). The chemistry between the two leads is marvellous in the few scenes they share, including the famous café scene where they share their troubles and loneliness with each other. The follow-up to this in the final scene, which I won’t spoil, is meaningful and touching. There really is more to these characters than cops and robbers.

This is by far director Michael Mann’s best film and Dante Spinotti’s cinematography is amazing, from the exciting action scenes to the simple beauty of the best scene of a car driving down an LA highway that can possibly ever exist.

Michael Mann's 1995 crime thriller Heat is now one of my favourite films ever.

(The best thing about running one's own blog is that one doesn't get in trouble for filing a review sixteen years late.)

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