Sunday, 5 September 2010

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Oops, haven't blogged for months. There's a half finished post from the 7th of July saved as a draft that I'd totally forgotten about, but it would be silly to publish that now. What a shame. I had a lovely graph planned for it, too. Never mind, I'll have a go at fixing this blog drought. You want to know what I've been doing over the Summer holidays, don't you? I knew you would. It's been a very productive period. Here's a heavily edited, glossed over version.

The first two weeks, known as Enrichment 2 Weeks, were spent on work experience at Goldminds Media in Manchester. They're a great company and really nice people, even if by the end of Enrichment 2 Weeks, I'd printed titles onto 265 discs, one at a time. They let me be a runner on a shoot one day; yay for carrying heavy equipment! Here's a further few things I learned during my placement:
  • "We were taking photos of bread" does not work as an excuse for breaking the Marks and Spencer rule of "no photography in Marks and Spencer" (we were, in fact, taking photos of queues).
  • Homes 4 U, despite being an estate agent, has a surprisingly nice cafĂ©.
  • I cannot walk through Manchester city centre unattended without coming dangerously close to being run over by a bus.
  • The staff in the Apple store are creepily friendly (and sexy, in some cases) but can't give perfect advice on backup devices (maybe partly my fault - they'd trusted me with the big responsibility of going to the Apple store meeting but I had no idea how big the footage taken on a single shoot is).
Also, I showed my art animation to Goldminds, they liked it and showed it to Revolution vodka bars, their clients, and now Revolution are interested in showing it on their in-house TV channel. Groovy!

I've also started driving lessons. This adventure isn't going too badly so far; the majority of Rossendale remains intact and the instructor man sometimes lets me go really really fast. Vrum vrum! Well, not that fast, no more than, you know, 30 miles per hour, but you get the point, it's a rather exciting business. Can't be long until I unlock machine gun attachments.

My EPQ essay, "How did the American film industry respond to the Iraq War?", has been another thing keeping me busy. I've smashed through the 5,000 word target and my current draft stands somewhere around 7,893 (ish) words, which I'm pleased with. There're some interesting films that I looked at while researching for this and I'd particularly recommend War, Inc, which is a hilarious yet meaningful parody of US corporate interests in the Middle East. Plus, John Cusack backflips into a garbage truck.

The best thing on television over the Summer was undoubtedly Sherlock. Steven Moffat has won television. Again. Excellent performances from Benedict Cumberbatch (the fact that he's hot also helps), Martin Freeman and the rest of the cast combined with brilliant writing and directing (these weren't so good in the middle episode, which not only had a
quite silly Chinese smuggling ring but also didn't have enough gay allusions) made Sherlock a perfect contemporary update of Conan Doyle's mythos. Elsewhere in the world of television, I'm nearly up to the end of season 4 in my second run of The Wire (ah, the ending to season 4, episode 11 is so satisfying) and I've started season 1 of Mad Men, which is turning out to be very interesting. Not a contender for The Wire, though. Nothing is. Nothing.

My parents went away for the final weekend of the holidays, leaving me with the house to myself. Some teenagers would have taken this as an opportunity to hold a wild party, but I'm much better than that. I walked to Tesco at 3AM on Saturday in order to buy one of each of the three main citrus fruits, then returned home to carry out a plan I call...

I am the Dieter Laser of citrus fruits!

Back to sixth form tomorrow, maybe that shall restore my sanity/body clock/social life. Maybe not.


  1. Hmm, I could provide some names of series that could provide competition for The Wire.