Thursday, 16 September 2010

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I love writing lists.

1. My EPQ essay, "How did the Hollywood film industry respond to the Iraq war?" is still taking up quite a bit of time, despite the current version being 3000 words above the target.

2. Art. This is the only excuse I need really, and I'm probably falling heavily behind in art by stopping to write this list. Anyway, due to having no ideas whatsoever for my project, I showed Mrs Bamford my MegaCitruses and now my project seems to be based on them. The current plan leads to me making an animation about a city made of fruit, somehow also involving elephants and possibly clocks and/or boots. Shouldn't take long; last time I did an animation, I only had to work every free, lunch and evening until 2AM for two weeks. Then again, now I know not to make it about characters who don't touch the floor, plus I can say that it carries an environmental message and examiners might like that.

3. Media. Another big coursework task, and one which seems like it will have to be done almost entirely outside of lesson time, as our new teacher is determined to distract us with dull films. But it'll be amazing. As long as I can persuade my group to let me make a robot helmet out of an old television and sellotape bacon to people's faces.

4. I'm campaigning for head boy. Despite the fact that if I win, the amount of spare time I have per week will go into the negative numbers, I am certainly the best candidate. Here's my nomination statement:

Although my intellectual superiority obviously places me in the upper echelons of the BRGS intelligentsia, I strive to be a caring, tolerant individual who values fairness and honesty above all else (except maybe my dashing good looks). With my honed sense of style and glowing aura of power and awe, I possess all the necessary qualities of a king, or, failing that, a head boy. BRGS is an excellent school, but that means it needs excellent students, and in recent times, one such excellent student has stood out above the rest: Kieron Moore. Who has already taken on such varying and strenuous tasks as lunchtime prefecting not once, but twice a week, helping out at open evenings and even fixing the shelves in the computing room (you don’t need to know who broke them)? That’s right, me! I believe that BRGS has a strong sense of community and am committed to valiantly upholding this so that the brave students of BRGS can look upon their friendly, as well as academically successful, community with pride, under the banner “Kieron Moore: Head Boy”.

So, if you're a current member of the BRGS sixth form, vote for me! If not, vote for me anyway! Here's a Facebook group about it.

5. Also, I am still learning German...

6. ...and Maths...

7. ...and General Studies. Haha, not really. It takes up about as much time and thought as my social life.

8. Still in the process of applying to universities.

9. Still learning to drive.

10. I have been invited into the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta! That means I must be a valued member of the LBP community! I'm not allowed to tell you about it, you know, it's all secretive.

11. Those times when I sit doing nothing, thinking to myself "I'll start doing something productive soon."


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