Sunday, 27 June 2010

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This Saturday marked the universally agreed upon most important day of the year, as the last in the series of Doctor Who was broadcast. Households around the universe were preparing themselves for the excitement, but of course, given the nature of my wild and unpredictable lifestyle, things would not work out so simply for me.
For I was on a grand adventure to the land of Nottingham, recognised worldwide for its thieves with inconsistent accents and its lace making industry, to take a look at its university. The campus was lovely and spacious, although I only saw one duck - I expect York, having the highest duck:student ratio in the country, will beat this. The course I'm likely to apply for at Nottingham is joint Film Studies and German - both areas seem good, although there's not enough of a practical side to the film area. However, a small amount of the film students are sent to do a paid internship in Hollywood, which sounds amazing, as long as I could use whatever methods necessary to secure myself a place *smiles and rubs hands sinisterly*. The catered accomodation seemed pretty shabby, but the self-catered flats were nice. I'd have to make sure to be sharing a kitchen with someone whose cooking skills aren't quite as life-threatening as my own. Picked up lots of leaflets, including one for Economics and one for Dutch Studies - not sure how that happened.
After the open day, I would have returned home in time for The Big Bang, were it not for the fact that my Grandma lives in Nottingham and it would apparently be rude not to visit her. Thank goodness for Sky+. Some of her anecdotes about the exciting life of a pensioner (almost as crazy as my own) were actually quite amusing. For example, it turns out my uncle's DIY skills are equivalent to what my own are probably like, as he tried to remove her boiler by "socking it with a hammer". Also, she sold her old settee to a devoutly religious ex-alcoholic who is pretending to be gay so that he can inherit stuff from aging comedy star Barry Howard (who had a small role in Doctor Who - The End of Time). Plus, she has a pretty groovy mirror.
Anyway, here's some comments on The Big Bang: it was amazing. Moffat wrote a great end to the story while leaving some strands open for next year, although the timelines don't really make much sense if you think about them, what with River Song having to go do the Weeping Angel shizz yet all of the series supposedly not having happened and all that. I spent most of last night mentally trying to find a way to make them work and I think I might have got there. No, I'm not explaining it. As usual, the acting and direction were to a high standard . I loved the Doctor's new headgear (both the fez, because fezzes are cool, and the top hat) and the stone Dalek, which provided some cool action scenes. Suggestion: next year, the Doctor should wear a different hat every episode, somehow relating to where he's visiting. After an emotional step in their story, Amy and Rory are alive and human again, travelling with the Doctor, so bring on Christmas! Only 181 days to go!

Side note: it's too damn hot. Like me.


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