Saturday, 27 February 2010

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Wow, I really haven't posted since December. I have my excuses though; here's what's been keeping me busy:

1. Christmas
DVD box set of The Wire, yay!

2. Austria
Over half term I went on a skiing holiday to Kitzb├╝hel in Austria with my friend Nick and our dads. This is the second time we've been to Kitzb├╝hel and so I considered blogging before the holiday reminiscing about last time but couldn't because of reason 3 (see below).

The week started on a high with me accidentally smashing a pool cue into a light fitting and causing a small power failure no more than two hours after arriving in our hotel.

Next, I was happy when I had an opportunity to practice my German skills. I used the word "Durchfall" (diarrhoea) in a conversation with an actual Austrian person in a properly useful way. (If you must know, Nick's dad had decided he'd rather shit himself than show off what a bad skiier he is, so we had to get some medicine from the chemist)

At least the skiing went well for the first day or two with neither of us actually falling off a cliff, despite Nick coming dangerously close. However, we seemed to have no idea where we were going, spending most of our time trying to work out where we are.

Luckily, the holiday company had a free and fun solution to this. We signed up to take part in a "ski safari", in which we would ski with a group led by our rep, Adam, covering a large amount of the mountain range in one day. By the way, Adam had put his mobile number on display in the hotel lobby so that guests could contact him if they needed anything. Did we take the number? No, there's no way we would end up needing that! Nick and I set off determined not to get lost on the ski safari and to have a good day's skiing. Naturally, we got on the wrong bus on the way to where the group was meeting, but with a spot of luck, it went to the right place anyway (on the way to the very wrong place). Meeting our group, we were all asked to tell everyone our names, where we come from and an interesting fact about ourselves. Putting the "pathetic" into pathetic fallacy, the fact I chose and Nick copied was "I'm probably going to get lost". "There's no way you can get lost today" we were reassured.

After two minutes skiing with the group, we got lost for four and a half hours. We got on the wrong lift after the first run we did. At least I could say "I told you so." Due to our earlier mistake, I had to make a series of phone calls to contact Adam, starting with phoning a nerd in England who I knew would be near a computer at 10:30Am GMT and getting them to find the hotel's phone number (thanks, Jacques) and then phoning the hotel for Adam's number. That group did a lot of waiting for us that day and I doubt that some of them forgave us, especially after we abandoned them again at the end of the day when buggering up walking back to the hotel.

The rest of the holiday went smoothly, though, perhaps excluding a slight incident of smashing my face into a wall of snow (comfortable but cold, I wouldn't recommend it except for humourous purposes). Oh, and if you ever see Nick's dad, mention the word "intermediate".

3. Art

I've been pretty busy these days with my art coursework. Mrs Bumfluff/Bamford is back with a vengeance from pretending to have a child and suddenly the amount of work I have to do is equivalent to finding a girlfriend for an autistic bear. At least we got to meet the world famous artist Ian Murphy. He's great, unless you follow him on Twitter. We've started our exam project now, and I've picked marine life as my topic. The choices weren't great, year 13s got a Star Wars one! I want a Star Wars one! Not that you care, but here's the art work I have to do this weekend:
  • watercolour painting of sea lions,
  • acrylic painting of Japanese octopus type thing,
  • chalk pastel drawing of fish and turtles,
  • pen drawing of turtle,
  • timeline of artists,
  • analyse a piece of art,
  • go to Blackpool and take photos of fish.
Add to that my homework for media, German and maths (I hope there wasn't any computing) and you can see that stopping to write this blog post was a stupider decision than giving Jar Jar Binks temporary senatorial powers.


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