Tuesday, 24 November 2009

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(For this lovely project.)

Yo Dave,

Has anyone told you yet that your Doctor Who stories were good? It’s possible, but I doubt it, so let me tell you: your Doctor Who stories were good, and you were good in the role of the Doctor. Bet no-one’s told you that before. I considered writing “It’s OK, ‘Love and Monsters’ and ‘Fear Her’ weren’t your fault” there, but I though that might be a bit rude, so I didn’t.
Anyway, you were pretty awesome (and awesomely pretty), so I made you this similarly pretty awesome (and awesomely pretty, but you probably get the point) picture to show my appreciation. It shows one of the episodes that I’ll make when I am head writer of Doctor Who and Director General of the BBC, which can’t be too far off now (but please try not to age too much anyway, I’ll need to get you back for a past Doctor series). In this story, the Doctor arrives in troubles-era Belfast harbour to find it under attack from Godzilla and his nemesis, the demon beast Axor, who is enslaving innocents in order to wage a destructive war against Godzilla. The Doctor eventually defeats the monsters with the help of his companion, O’Overend, and a handy potato cannon. The story is based on what I learned in GCSE English. Obviously my series will need a high budget, especially considering that at least half of the other episodes will feature a massive spaceship battle, but that’s OK, because I’ll be a billionaire by the time we produce this.
Oh, I think I will tell you one more time that you were a great Doctor. You were a great Doctor. I haven’t seen your final specials yet, but am very much looking forward to them, especially after the fantastically brilliant “The Waters of Mars”. I thought that the “main character goes a bit naughty and commits morally questionable acts towards the end of their storyline” storyline couldn’t be bettered after McNulty in season 5 of ‘The Wire’, but you’re a strong challenger. Stronger than a bear against a magpie.
One last thing – you were brilliant!

Kieron Moore

(I'd say this is the nerdiest thing I've ever done, but, you know...)


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